Our Comprehensive Business Solutions

Welcome to a world where business ambitions meet excellence. BiZetup offers you a variety of high-quality services, designed not only for success in Dubai but also on a global scale. We are committed to providing exceptional solutions for our clients' satisfaction. From smooth company formation and efficient visa processing to personalized financial consultation and more. Every service we provide is infused with experience and attention to detail. Start your business journey with us and experience the highest level of professional support and service quality.

Your Gateway to Dubai Premiere Freezones

Embark on your business journey in Dubai, choosing from an elite selection of the best free zones. Our partnership with the top free zone authorities throughout the city allows us to offer you a variety of strategic location options, each with unique advantages tailored to different business needs. From modern technology parks to bustling trade and logistics centers, we connect you with the ideal free zone that matches your business vision. Explore opportunities with our comprehensive free zone solutions and let us guide you to the perfect choice for your company's growth and success in the United Arab Emirates.
Strategic Partnerships with Dubai Elite Freezones: Your Business, Our Expert Network

Seamless Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Immerse yourself in the heart of Dubai's thriving business ecosystem with our specialized Mainland company formation services. We provide expert guidance at every step of establishing your Mainland company, ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements and maximizing the use of Dubai's diverse market potential. Our deep understanding of the Mainland business environment, coupled with strong local connections, allows us to offer you unparalleled support in navigating licenses, legal requirements, and local business practices. Whether it's trade, services, or manufacturing, we facilitate your entry and growth in Dubai's dynamic Mainland economy, opening doors to wider market access and limitless business opportunities.
Experts Guiding Through the Mainland Business Environment
Commercial License:
Ideal for businesses involved in trading activities, like buying and selling goods.
Professional License:
Industrial License:

Suited for service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen.

Necessary for manufacturing or industrial activities.

Tourism License:

Designed for companies operating in the tourism sector, including travel agencies, tour operators, and hotel businesses.

Educational License:

For entities engaged in educational services or institutions.

Healthcare License:

Essential for healthcare services, clinics, and medical interns.

Diverse Mainland License Options for Your Business

Visa Facilitation and Identity services

Easily navigate the complexities of Dubai's employment and immigration procedures. Our visa services are designed to simplify the process of obtaining necessary work and residency permits for you and your employees. From initial application to final approval, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring compliance with all local immigration laws and regulations. Our expertise in employment and immigration matters means faster processing times and fewer obstacles, allowing you to focus on your business operations.
Visa Services (Labor & Immigration)
Emirates ID & Medical Typing
Efficiently manage the essential services of Emirates ID registration and medical data entry with our specialized services. We understand the importance of these requirements for expatriates and businesses in Dubai. Our team ensures a seamless experience, handling all nuances of medical examination arrangements and Emirates ID applications. With our support, you can expect a smooth, expedited process, reducing delays and ensuring that you and your team fully comply with the requirements and are prepared to start your business in Dubai.

Global Reach, Local Banking Expertise

Embrace a borderless business world while enjoying the stability and familiarity of local banking services. With our expertise, navigate the complexities of international trade alongside the simplicity and reliability of Dubai's robust banking sector. Whether managing global operations or local activities, our tailored banking solutions ensure your financial needs are precisely met with local understanding. Operate with a global perspective, but benefit from local experience, ensuring your financial management is both seamless and effective.
Set Up Multi-Currency Business and Private Bank Accounts with Leading United Arab Emirates Banks